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be abusing his power. taking people against their welcome and assaulting them. you go to lead officer for help. >> he is the 17th officer of arrested this year. cathy lanier released a statement today saying, it is appalling to me that a member who has served on the metropolitan police department for 18 years would be engaged in this kind of conduct. this officer allegedly attempted to sexually assault one of the women on two separate occasions. this officer has been -- has betrayed the public's trust. he has pleaded not guilty. we have some more breaking news. a police officer was involved in a crash with another car. you can see the pictures right here. we were just over the seeing a short time ago. the officers suffered non life-
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threatening injuries. we will keep you posted. a mother is carjacked with her dong son inside and a carjacker takes them for a wild ride. >> i did not know what he was going to do. >> the mother was carjacked at a baltimore gas station and driven down interstate 95 and on to the capital beltway. a police chase began and ended when the mother was able to bail out of the car with her son in her arms. >> we did have a chance to talk to her now that she is home safe in baltimore. she describes a terrifying ordeal. the 24-year-old elsya is wearing a scarf to cover a small headland. the 22-year-old -- the 22-month- old only suffered minor
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injuries. she jumped from a moving car to escape a crazed carjacker. >> i am not a hero, just a mommy. >> the alleged carjacker was captured by state police moments after elsya escaped. >> i was just praying that we would be ok. >> the beginning of the ordeal was captured by security cameras at this gas station in west baltimore. you can see her car tearing out of the parking lot with a carjacker and the front -- in the front. >> he just packed up and started driving. >> under the influence of something, he driving erratically weaving in and out of construction, its. he sideswiped a trooper parked on this side of the road. >> i was still holding the baby.
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>> the trooper started a pursuit and radioed ahead for help. finally, when they were surrounded by at least four troopers elsya bailout. >> i was scared to jump out because if i hit the ground on my arm, my baby would roll and hit his head. >> she said she blacked out when she hit the pavement and was thrilled when she came to in realize that her and her baby were ok. white is facing two charges of kidnapping. there will be more charges in baltimore city. he did pass a field sobriety test but has not been tested for drugs. a major bust of an international drug smuggling ring that operated and the d.c. area. the drug couriers were paid
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$15,000 to travel from ghana to the u.s.. eight men and women had been charged, including two in maryland, and two in alexandria. we will have much more at 6:00. a hole in the ground triggered a mass in the 14th street bridge today. one line was blocked there. crews work " -- were quickly to repair the roads. but not before it created traffic problems. last night storms cooled things off and today is whether was absolutely pleasant. bob ryan is standing by and had a word on how long this nice weather will stick around. >> it has been a gorgeous, what a wonderful change. it will continue for a number of days. there is nothing around on radar. take a look at how it looks outside.
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if you are making it a three-day weekend, just gorgeous. it is wonderful out there. look at the morning temperatures, it got down as low as 59 in cumberland. temperatures are only in the low to mid 80's. i think there will be some point into the low 50's later on tonight. a wonderful end to the week. a beautiful night tonight and a bright full moon out there. i will tell you all about that. police are investigating an armored car robbery in d.c. it happened today in the 1200 block at 16th street. at least one suspect held up the truck this afternoon and the suspect is still on delays. a palestinian man who visited -- gesture appeared
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before a federal judge in alexandria. he is charged with illegally buying 26 rifles from a leesburg gun dealer. >> he lives in this apartment complex. his neighbors say he is quiet. in court today prosecutors say that when it comes to crime, he is brazen. the gun store features rifles, including assault weapons on its web sites. these guns drew three northern virginia men to purchase 26 rifles. they tried to buy four more. >> why would he buy all of these guns? >> the brother of the alleged mastermind did not want to talk. he allegedly enlisted to american citizens to assist and the purchase of rifles. after an american filled out the paperwork and bought the guns, they would be turned over to him or the other alleged accomplice. during today's hearing, the judge wanted to know why he
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bought the gaunt and what he intended to do with them. something his neighbors also want to know. >> we do not know what he would do with them. maybe he was taking them. >> at the complex there is concerned, especially since recently spent time in algeria. it is believed to be home to islamic terrorist organizations. >> they're going to algeria, 30 assault rifles. that does raise a flag of suspicion. >> today in court they would not say why he bought those bonds. he was released and will return to this apartment complex. new developments in the growing phone hacking scandal
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surrounding rupert murdoch. late today sources concerned -- confirmed the fbi is investigating allegations that reporters hacked into the voice mails of 9/11 victims. the reporters worked for the "news of the world. " these allegations stem from a private investigator is that he was asked to hack into the victims' fund. they have not commented on the investigation. in this trial today in the trial -- a mistrial today in the roger clemens' trial. the judge ruled the prosecution disobeyed his orders. >> called it a misfire in the federal case against roger clemens. the perjury trial ending in a mistrial on the second day. >> it is a beautiful day. >> the 48-year-old left the courthouse in washington after the judge admonish prosecutors for presenting evidence
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previously deemed inadmissible. they show the jury portions of his congressional testimony which reference to a former teammate claiming to discuss steroids. >> i think he mis remembers our conversation. >> during the time that i worked with roger clemens i injected him on numerous occasions with steroids. >> he was indicted last august for his testimony regarding his alleged use of steroids and human growth hormones. >> let's be clear -- lets me be clear, i have never taken steroids. >> in yesterday's opening statements the attorney pointed out taxpayer dollars spent on the government case so far. >> you cannot try someone twice for the same crime. >> for now, of this 354 career
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wins, you get the feeling that today's victory in court might be among the sweetest for roger clemens. a final tribute to former first lady betty ford. a funeral service was held late this afternoon in grand rapids, michigan. delivering the eulogy was her good friend lynn cheney. she'll be laid to rest beside her husband. she died last week at the age of 93. coming up, protecting d.c. summer job employees on payday. it is a challenge that the city wants to give to an unlikely group. >> they are lining up for the harry potter movies. they had been sitting here since yesterday, believe it or not. >> why one of the biggest crowds in the country is going to be shutting down this weekend.
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>> we are getting a closer look at the man accused of killing a boy. hear what his ex-wife has to say.
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a judge ordered a mental
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health evaluation for a man accused of killing an eight- year-old brooklyn boy you got lost after leaving his day camp. we have more on this terrible crime. >> it is a brief glance of the man accused of a crime that may haunt a community forever. the 35-year-old was escorted into a precinct after he allegedly confessed to killing and dismembering the eight-year- old, a little boy who got lost on his way home from camp. in keeping with the custom, the funeral was held last night. surveillance video captures the last moments of his wife. his mother practice the route with them and set up a meeting point. police say he got confused and asked a stranger for help. >> i am just now finding out information. i am in total shock.
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my telephone has been ringing off the hook. >> the little boy if following a man to his car. he was never seen alive again. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, he nodded toward the kitchen, where detectives observed blood on the freezer handled. >> he confessed to killing the boys and dismembering his body, hiding the remains in his freezer. as to any hint of a possible motive police would only say that he panicked when he saw posters plastered all over the neighborhood looking for the board. he has no criminal records. he has been divorced for five years and a friend said he went crazy after his mother died. the ed sullivan theater in new york city is the victim of
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vandals for the second time this week. a 42-year-old florida man through a newspaper stand into the glass doors overnight. over the weekend police said another man also smashed the glass doors and vandalized the lobby. the latest suspect said that he heard about earlier crime and then elected to get attention. residents in los angeles are bracing for their cabmageddon. crews will shut down 405. thousands of doctors and nurses will be sleeping over at hospitals. people are being urged to stay home. the blank tickets sold out in three hours.
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>> the 405. that is going to be a mess. >> just go outside and walk around on a day like today. just open up the windows. outside, this is how we look. it is a beautiful afternoon out there. how about heading for the beaches? let me take you to the beaches. it is 84 degrees outside. there will be some spots that will be into the 50's tonight. believe it or not. the record low in washington is 56 degrees. look at what is happening. i will get out of the way so you can see this. they are not racing up the boardwalk. it has been a beautiful day out there. 70 degrees. the water temperature is into
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the 70's. i will tell you more about the great weekend coming up a little bit later. look at the morning's low temperatures. albany this morning, 58 degrees. we made it into the 60's. syracuse 81 degrees. everybody getting a bit of a break. as long as we have this dry air, and elastic couple of days, a general northwesterly wind, that dry air will be our dominant whether maker on through tomorrow and a good part of the weekend, too. temperatures later on will be dipping well into the 60's. some of the nearby suburbs probably into the high 50's. guess what else we have tonight? the full moon.
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clear skies a cooler nights than we've had a long time. 57 in the nearby suburbs. some folks across northern maryland may be entered below 50's. tomorrow morning the editors will be into the 50's. a great day for -- temperatures will be into the 50's. a great day for outdoor activities. just a few fair weather clouds. really delightful tomorrow. the only thing is that the winds will begin to turn a little more to the south, and you will begin to notice a touch of humidity as we get into saturday. as we get into next week, temperatures soar into the 90's. but the humidity returning, and there is a risk of an afternoon thundershower. go to we have more of of the full
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moon. a lot of stuff there. >> you still have a chance to win an ipad. >> that would make the date even better. you have until tomorrow at 4:00 to sign up. we will announce the winner of the ipad right here on abc 7 news at 5:00 tomorrow. good luck, everybody. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on primetime. 8:00 former contestants return for a second chance on "wipeouts. "" >> coming up, life in the fast lane. that is a topic that all drivers have an opinion on. >> outrage over netflix price
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hikes. will customers be saying goodbye? >> the final film installment of the magical world of harry potter begins later tonight. dedicated fans have been waiting in line for more than
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to 90 as the night they have
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been waiting for. >> it is the final chapter of the harry potter. it is the midnight premier and we are live at the uptown theater. some moviegoers have been waiting in line for 24 hours. >> more than 24 hours. these folks are dedicated. they grew up with these books. this is the final series in this remarkably successful series. it is going to premier coming up at midnight. we have dozens and dozens over 100 dedicated fans who have been in line to say goodbye to harry potter. >> we all grew up with harry potter. >> they are first in line for the midnight premier of harry potter. they have been working in shifts since 2:00 on wednesday. >> we did not want anyone to be us. the front row of balcony seats
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that is our domain. >> the enchanted -- the enchanting narrative. >> he knows we broke into and he knows what we took. >> called is is that he knows? >> there is sadness for some in mind. -- in line. for them the experience of sharing the adventure has been an important part of their lives. >> when i was younger i thought, harry potter, i want to marry him when i grow up. looking back, i can relate to some of the things that have happened. having to deal with loss of friends and family. even if it is a fictional character i could still relate to that.
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>> thanks to one of our editors we have found out that some of the midnight showings have been sold out to the point that some area theaters are offering showings at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. >> i have no idea. i know your kids are big fans, right? >> my son has read each but half a dozen times >> hopefully you'll pick up a few extra tickets down there. >> we will have much more on the harry potter excitement coming up in just a few minutes. barge campbell is going to talk to one of the young stars. he gives us his review of the final movie. i will tell you that he was very excited to pass it along. >> here we go. >> coming up, the prime-time emmy nominations are out. there were some obvious front- runners this year. >> a marine at quantico proposes
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an interesting question. >> of firefighters said the city is trying to turn them into police officers and they do not like it.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, underside. >> d.c. has a new idea to keep the summer job employees safe on payday. >> the idea has firefighters
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fuming. >> the idea of posting firefighters in neighborhoods to deter crime is not a popular one. >> the potential is there. >> is a robbery starts, what are they supposed to do? >> the idea comes from -- when firefighters are not busy with other tasks, they should part and deter trouble. >> they have adult supervision and they go their separate ways as opposed to getting involved in an altercation. >> parking near atm to deter or strains employees from getting robbed. >> it takes a whole village to raise a child, right?
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>> what does the fire department have to protect me? >> same reaction among shoppers outside a southeast safeway. >> i would rather have a police car there than a fire truck. >> the intention is for our community to be safe. >> a spokesman for the fire chief says this system has been in place for three weeks although the president of the fire union says he only found out about it yesterday. expect more push back and you might not be surprised if there are not a whole lot of fire trucks sitting outside atms. let's take a look at our top stories. a d.c. police officer is arraigned today on sex abuse charges. larry seay is accused of approaching women while on a
5:32 pm
uniform. three women were assaulted in 2006 and 2010. new details on the wild ride a maryland woman and her baby took after a man carjacked her car at a baltimore gas station. the suspect tried to drive away with her child. she waited until he was on the capital beltway to roll out of a moving car while hugging her 20- month-old son. the suspect faces several charges now. a surprise twist on the roger clemens perjury case. the judge declared a mistrial. a september hearing is set to determine whether he will face a new trial. he is accused of lying to congress. a lot of people have strong opinions about this story. it's a speeding car approaches you while you are driving in the left lane, you are obligated to move over into the right lane.
5:33 pm
while local police captain wants to see that law put in place in maryland. >> drivers to obey the law do not like this at all. the drivers to speed, they say bring it on. >> for some drivers, the fast lane is not fast enough. >> i/highlights all the time. >> to get people out of my way. >> we took a scan of 270 in the fast lane and work till dated. -- were tailgated. >> it looks like they're going to be in your back seat. >> what it does drivers were forced to get out of the way to speed up or move over? in new jersey and pennsylvania, it is the law. one and montgomery county police captain thinks it should be in
5:34 pm
maryland, it too. >> i think it helps the flow of traffic. >> some argue it helps the flow of traffic. others say that it gives drivers already breaking the law a free pass. >> i should not have to get out of their way. >> right now the state is not considering this. it did back in 2006, but it is not right now. it is causing quite a stir. montgomery county council nor the states have given it the green light. >> this topic is creating a lot of buzz on our facebook page tonight. they should not even be a debate. bill left lane is for passing vehicles.
5:35 pm
if you want to break in on this issue, go to or had over to our facebook page. i-95 has a in both directions. the fourth traveling stretches about 6 miles. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held this morning to celebrate the expansion. officials hope this extra lane will alleviate bottlenecks. a time now to check the traffic. >> right now we are seen having delays on northbound 395. southbound i-95 in virginia seeing having delays right now. an earlier accident has been removed.
5:36 pm
taking a look at the belt way on the outer loop, you are slow. slobodan 272 leesburg pike. -- slow again 270 to leesburg pike. here we are at shady grove road. that tobacco will take you to montgomery village avenue. we are also slow in germantown. clarksburg has been cleared out of the way. coming up, the death of a beloved pets turns into a house fire and the neighborhood problem. >> it is a big weekend at the movies. this is the biggest weekend of the summer season, the grand finale of harry potter.
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>> a special flag makes its way woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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they are lined up outside movie theaters all across the
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country. >> they are excited and sad for the final harry potter movies. arch campbell is live outside of the uptown theater. what are your thoughts? >> the first of all there is a great tradition of lining out -- lining up outside the uptown theater. it started with the original " star wars. " ever since people come into the uptown and if you have never seen a movie at the uptown, make a plan to do that. this is a great place. it picks up exactly where parts one left off. harry potter and his friends continue their quest to find the things necessary to read their world of evil. >> the boy who lived come to die. >> it is scary and compelling
5:41 pm
and drilling. the final showdown. a special effects extravaganza. they have what it takes and the most likely will walk away talking about the snake. >> if anyone in here has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements this evening i invite them to step forward. >> part to concludes the most successful film franchise in history. fans literally grew up with this series. >> i am sorry that it is over. i love harry potter movies. >> they screamed at the official d.c. premiere.
5:42 pm
>> how do you follow it? don morris is the only way we can go. >> it is 4 stars. a grand finale to a grand series. i saw the screen the other night. i could not move, i did not want to blank, i did not want to miss a thing. it kept me watching the whole time. i think it is a great ending to this great staring straight -- series. it is wonderful that the books encouraged children to read and that the movies have honored the book so well. by the way a lot of the fans say this is not the end. there is internet sites and rowling will muse on the internet for years to come. i think it is a great movie and a great weekend for the movie. how is that?
5:43 pm
>> there is still a lot of money left on the table. >> somebody is already suggesting that later on this year theatres will show all eight movies in a row. harry potter extravaganza. >> [laughter] >> that is what i am talking about, right there. >> thank you. >> coming up, the prime-time emmy nominations are announced. did your favorite show gets a nod? >> the price of your netflix is going way up. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1. we help them save money with generic prescriptions. we talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and -- help them save money!
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we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you trtransfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
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we are following breaking news coming out of union station with a locomotive fire. the fire has been contained but there are some traffic issues. the h street bridge, it is
5:47 pm
blocked. no one was hurt. we have all the rage over the recent price hike in the netflix. >> the customers are taking their opinions to social media outlets. >> netflix stock prices up 4%. the company has touched off quite the online firestorm of criticism. >> my husband is furious. >> they are on the front lines of a battle against netflix and their very unpopular 60% price hike. >> we were talking about last night how we are going to turn it off. >> even though she and her three boys enjoy the movies, the price jumped from $9.99 to $16 a month is just too much and they are not alone.
5:48 pm
netflix angst is blowing up on line. more than 57,000 comments on the netflix facebook page about the price hike. most of them aren't negative. >> blockbuster has gone out of business. red box is inconvenient. from a competitive standpoint, i do not have many options. they are taking advantage of it. >> i am shocked but i use it a lot. i liked it. >> are you going to pay that? >> we will think about it. >> netflix will not be going up, it will be going dark. >> we use it a lot and we do not want to turn it off, but with the prices, we are going to. >> netflix has compared the price increase to a latte or two.
5:49 pm
existing customers start paying the price hike september 1. the nominations for the 63rd annual primetime emmy awards were announced today in los angeles. topping the list, "madmen." it got 19 nominations. jon hamm received a best actor nomination. in the best supporting actor and actress category, the in the ceremony will be on september 18. if you want to take a look at the complete list of the nominees, go to justin timberlake pressured his co-star to take a date for her country. a female rain is hoping that he will take his own advice. >> i will call you out and ask
5:50 pm
you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12 in washington d.c. >> she is the only female marine instructor at quantico. she posted that video and invited him to be her blind date. she got the invite -- the idea when she watched him to convince her to take a date with another marine. they have started a facebook page to win him over. no word yet on whether he will agree. >> did you see the six guys standing behind her? i think he has no choice. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in our newsroom. >> we have more details in the biggest heroin bust.
5:51 pm
another voice is speaking out on the debt ceiling. august 2 is the deadline, no doubt about it. meetings are underway again right now at the white house. >> let's keep this good weather going. >> it is beautiful, bob. >> outside right now, it is a beautiful evening. let me show you the live doppler. we only show you were there is all sorts of action and right now, there is nothing going on. the skies are clear. look at our overnight low temperatures. you folks in the suburbs probably in the low to mid 50's. there could be a few spots in west virginia out and the 40's. tomorrow, and out at the beaches, temperatures will be in the 80's.
5:52 pm
and they will be on saturday and sunday also. water temperatures are into the 70's. it will be comparable right on into saturday. the risk of some humidity coming back there will be humidity next week. it will feel like july all over. he enjoyed a wonderful and bright evening. -- into a wonderful and bright evening. it was a rainy and cold and it was a drama filled first- round. the guys who went out later in the day got beautiful still conditions. let me take you back to rory. he went out early. he played the final 15 holes at a 100 car. the big story is england amateur. the 20-year-old took advantage of the conditions. he posted the lowest amateur
5:53 pm
score ever at the open. she had to hand, the last time it was played on this course. he lets it slip away in the final three holes. his dad died in may and his game was in shambles. here he is now with a lead and wishing his dad was here. >> he meant a lot to me. he would have been very proud of what i did today. that is all i have to say. >> tied for the lead. more on the british open coming up at 6:00. the other story is the women's u.s. soccer team. they are charging into the championship game. they are led by abyy, who has scored three goals in the last three games. she has a strong feeling about the matchup with japan.
5:54 pm
>> at this point, it is about who wanted more. i do not care what the stats are between the two teams. it is the world cup final and this is all we have been dreaming about since labor little kids. it is our time and i am just so excited to have the opportunity. it is gone to be awesome. >> the usa is the favorite to going against japan. >> they wa
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the death of a man's dog led to this house catching on fire. >> the dog's death is creating some what of the neighborhood problem. >> it is not livable right now. >> his house caught fire yesterday. listen to how it started. he had an old dog. >> 156 pounds.
5:58 pm
>> he died cost right outside the front door. >> they told him he had to bring the dog and himself for disposal. his car is too small. >> yesterday morning about 9:00 he decided to dispose of the dog by burning it. >> he piled wood from the body and then poured gasoline but the fire jumped from the dog to the house. >> after three years in the fire department, this is a first. >> the dog is still there. >> nearly a week after his death, he still lives under a big blue tarp. he also wrote -- he offered in his wagon to move them. but he got no response. >> i will be glad when the dog is gone and the smell is gone. >> charles harris was cited for
5:59 pm
it illegal and outside burning. this afternoon animal control took him away. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up at 6:00, a major drug bust in our area. eight people are indicted in an international heroin smuggling ring. cause of concern over a financial fall are getting louder. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 8, on your side. and international drug smuggling ring busted out dulles international airport. >> the smugglers were paid thousands of dollars to bring heroin into the area. it has landed eight people in big trouble. >> this is a ring tha
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